As an artist I seek to explore through the medium of paint the world around me. Living in a society of the digital age dominated by social media, it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between the boundaries of the physical world and the digital. This blurred boundary line has brought about questions concerning the construction of identity. My work explores ways in which the tradition of portraiture, specifically in painting, can begin to encompass characteristics inherent within our digital age. In my portraits I intentionally construct a filter between the viewer and the subject. This acts much like a surface object disguising as well as distorting characteristics of the subject with which the viewer might normally identify. 

The process of painting provides myself the time needed to slow down the fast paced world, allowing reflection and connections to be made during the representation of my subjects. My work deals with the transitory nature of self-perception and specifically questions digital media’s relationship to personal identity. Through the traditional process of painting, I am investigating the different ways imaging can reflect or manipulate the way an individual is perceived.